10 Fun Things To Do in Chandler, Arizona

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Arizona has some of the best weather this country has to offer. With only a handful of rainy days a year it’s easy to see why droves of people to look for condos for sale Chandler AZ state. Without much rain or any snow to slow you down, you can stay active the year round. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of what Chandler has to offer.

1. The Chandler Fashion Center

Commonly known as “The Chandler Mall” this place is an obvious first choice for entertainment. It has something for everyone. From a huge Barnes and Noble Bookstore complete with in-store Starbucks to a massive two-story H&M, at least a dozen eateries, and several restaurants you are bound to find something for everyone in your group. Book a romantic dinner for two at the decadent The Cheesecake Factory for a dining experience you will never forget, try a new movie at the spacious Harkins Theatre, or simply spend a lazy day strolling the mall and catching up on gossip with friends.

2. The Railway Museum

The Railway Museum is a particularly excellent choice if you or your little one are fascinated by trains. A variety of engines and cars are on display throughout the yard for you to explore. Learn all about trains and how they operate for the low price of just two dollars for children, five dollars for adults, or fifteen dollars for the whole family. This museum is a great way to get everybody out of the house and learning.

3. Koli Equestrian Center Horseback Trail Rides

Trail rides are often the highlight of any southwestern vacation and these rides are the best around. Experienced and well-trained wranglers will keep you safe and informed as your horse ambles along beneath you and you take in the breathtaking scenery. These rides leave early in the morning to take advantage of the cooler morning air. Each ride is unique and if you want you can request a private ride in advance which may put you within viewing distance of wild horses! Horseback riding can be a life-changing experience. Some people even visit several times a year to get their “fix” of beautiful horses and wild country.

4. Chandler Center for the Arts

This arts center is located in classic Downtown Chandler and has hundreds of performances each year. They even have a “Free Summer Concert Series” that can include Flamenco dancing, country, rock, and even Irish music. Learn more about different cultures and the arts they produce through this fabulous venue. You can hear the Chandler symphony make incredible music from times long past or be astonished by an impressive sleight-of-hand and magic act. Check out their calendar of events https://chandlercenter.org/events/search/event-calendar to determine when you should take part in this wonderful art experience.

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5. Rawhide Western Town and Steak House

Take a step back in time at Rawhide where everything still feels like the wild west. They host a variety of events year-round from Mud Runs to meetings with Santa Claus. Music festivals and Easter Egg hunts are legendary at this venue. Not to forget the famous Arizona Roughriders who consistently wow the crowd with their astounding stunts. The steakhouse has huge meals typical of cowboys with baked beans, baked potatoes, and scrumptious steaks. Rawhide is perfect for lovers of Western films who will feel right at home in this old-timey environment.

6. Ice Den Chandler

Ice skating in Arizona? You bet! The Ice Den in Chandler boasts huge skating rinks and regular public skating hours. Friday nights you can party your heart out no matter your age to a live DJ, club lighting, and only five dollar admission! They also have ice skating lessons for all ages all year round. Indoor ice skating is the perfect way to beat the heat during the summer months.

7. Bird Watching at the Veterans Oasis Park

If Bird Watching is your hobby, then the Veterans Oasis Park is the perfect hotspot for you. Over 153 different species of birds have been recorded at this spot from owls to flycatchers. A source of water and plentiful local vegetation encourages birds of all types to visit and make a home here. Free family bird walks are offered the first Saturday of every month from November to April. This is a great way to get the whole family learning about and participating in nature.

8. Jumpstreet

Wall to wall trampolines gets everyone excited, from the young to the young at heart. Jumpstreet offers safe areas for even the littlest jumpers. For the older kids and adults, there are massive trampolines running up the walls for you to try just about any stunt. It’s cool inside and makes a great place to get your exercise in without heating up. They offer a dodgeball court and a basketball “court” both with trampolines instead of gymnasium flooring. This leads to some high flying action and competition. Don’t forget about the jump off where you can face your fears and jump from a height of about fifteen feet into a giant bag of air that will catch you gently.

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9. Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center

This fun-filled water park has a large lap pool, two one-meter diving boards, two giant water slides, a family play area with little slides, and plenty of shade. Swimming is a guaranteed way to cool everyone off and while having a good time. They offer swimming lessons year-round for ages 6 months through to adulthood! Admission is just one dollar for kids and $2.25 for adults. Which makes this one of the cheapest places to chill out this summer!

10. Improv Mania

This improv comedy club boasts five shows a week including two family-friendly shows! They are sure to make you laugh until your belly aches for the low price of $12 for kids and $14 for adults. During the week they offer comedy and improv classes for kids, teens, and young adults. These classes will boost your self-esteem and help you feel more at ease in delivering jokes whether in the elevator at work or in front of a crowd.

All this and so much more is what Chandler has to offer its more than 200,000 happy residents. With a little investigation, you are sure to find something that excites and fulfills you. Whether taking in the rays of sunshine or escaping the heat, there is never a lack of fun things to do in Chandler!