Why Chandler Arizona is the Best Place to Raise a Family

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Picking out a place for your kids to grow up in can be a high-pressure decision. Luxury condos in Chandler are a great place to live because it offers some of the best amenities and most impressive architecture and landscaping in Arizona. These are just five of the reasons why Chandler, Arizona is the best place to raise a family.

1. Chandler is home to 25 community parks!

When your kids are bored or they have been sitting in front of the screen all day take them to one of these great parks to get them outside, exercising, and bonding with you. For younger tikes, many parks have splash pads that shoot water up from the non-slip surface at random intervals. This will keep them cool and active for hours on end. In the winter months, there are many jungle gyms and sandboxes to explore. Scenic trails, beach volleyball courts, and outdoor exercise equipment are ideal for the teenagers and parents to burn calories and increase their step count for the day.

2. The percentage of school-aged children is 22.4%.

This means that one-fourth of the population of Chandler is between the ages of five and eighteen. There will be plenty of other kiddos to invite to birthday parties, to make play dates with, and even to carpool to school with.

3. Chandler has a thriving Recreation department.

There are always classes and club meetings going on at Recreation facilities throughout Chandler. From ballet and tap lessons for your little prince or princess to soccer, baseball, and football clubs for the sporty kids in your family. They even have Adult Boot Camps to keep you fit while your kids take classes. Throughout the year swimming lessons are available to keep your loved ones safe near water. They even offer an annual Daddy Daughter Dance and a separate Youth Talent Competition. Chandler recreation will keep your kids learning, growing, and making friends.

4. Chandler School District is one of the best in the state.

Chandler School District declares proudly that they are one of only nine schools in the entire state rated an “A” by the Arizona Department of Education. Your kids will be receiving the best education available at any of the schools in this district. There are almost 45,000 children attending schools in this district which makes it easy for your children to find friends for life. Chandler School District strives to provide the best educational experience for all of its students and your children will be no exception.

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5. The Weather

Weather in Chandler can be expected to be sunny almost every day of the year. Being kept indoors for months on end (like you would in more northern locations) is a thing of the past. January, Chandler’s coldest month of the year, has an average high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of just 39. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed without excessive heat from September through May making it the perfect city to get your kids to play outdoors.

Chandler is, overall, one of the best places in the state of Arizona to raise children. Kids have opportunities to make friends and experience learning everywhere they turn. You, as a parent, can sleep soundly at night knowing you are providing your kids with a wonderful childhood.