Types of wire rope

In general, wire ropes are made of threads of metal wire put together to form a rope. The wire rope is strong and non-corrosive hence used in various industries like agriculture, marine, and construction, especially for pulleys. Each industry uses a particular type of wire rope for a certain purpose. Here are the main types of wire rope.

Stainless steel wire rope.

Steel is the main metal used in cables and rope. It has a higher corrosion resistance compared to coated or galvanized though the strength is the same. Most industries preferred stainless steel since it does not rust and can be used in salty waters without getting damaged. Industries like paper textile and food processing use stainless steel wire rope since it does not react with many chemicals. Hence, it is used to make fishing vessels, automobiles, and many other instruments.

Galvanized wire rope

This rope is made of steel too but undergoes a galvanization process. The final product is fully dipped in a tab with zinc to cover it entirely. The galvanization process is important for improving the rope’s corrosive resistance. The use of zinc in this process is because is to increase the durability of the wire rope. Although the coating will come off as time goes by, the rope will be fully functional and corrosive free and will not react to most chemicals.

Coated wire rope

PVC or vinyl is used to coat stainless steel and galvanized wire. The coated wire ropes come in various colors to fit the industries. Wire ropes coated with PVCs are affordable, flexible, and weather-resistant. Plastic is also used to coat wire rope since it is good for very cold regions.